Everyone always looks for fun non regiftable holiday presents. One gift
that never goes unused and is quite the opposite is Cheese! Cheese and
crackers, cheese and wine, cheese and beer, cheese and meat. Yum! Cheese
baskets become an office favorite for clients and employees alike. We offer
a variety of bundle packs and customizable orders.

For offices who wish to give to clients, consider adding your own Christmas
labels prior to presenting to them and they will be sure to remember your
company after they taste our savory, earthy flavors.

Our Product Lines:

დ Artisan
Little Darling has an earthy, mushroom flavor
with vegetal flavors
Avondale Truckle in its early aging stages has a
round and buttery flavor, develops an earthy, full
layered profile

დ Brun-Uusto
Juustoleipa, Finland and Swedish translation
for “bread cheese”,
Rich, buttery flavor accompanied with sweet and
savory, serve warm as an appetizer or dessert

დ Cheddar
We offer cheddar cheeses ranging from 60 days of
aging to 12 years
Don’t Forget The Squeaky Cheese!

დ Flavored Cheddar
Garlic, Herb & Garlic, Horseradish, Green Olive,
Kalamata Olive, Smoked, Chipotle, Habanero
cheddar cheeses

დ Monterey Jack
Semisoft with a buttery-ivory color and mild flavor;
Flavors: Morel Mushroom and Onion, Tomato Basil,
Jalapeno, Jack-O, Firehouse, Ghost Chili Pepper,
Scorpion Chili Pepper

დ Spreads
Genuine Raw Milk Cheddar Cold Pack Cheese Pack;
Flavors: Bleu Cheddar,
Bacon Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Jalapeno Pepper Raw
Milk Spread, Horseradish Raw Milk Spread, Garlic Raw
Milk, Mild Raw Milk, Cranberry Raw Milk, Tomato Basil
Raw Milk

Give us a call to help us with your holiday orders!