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Little Darling

Our Little Darling is a pasteurized cow’s milk ,artisan cheese.  It has an earthy, mushroom flavor with vegetal notes. Handmade in small batches it has a firm, crumbly texture with a natural rind tomme (small aged wheel), cellar aged with an affinage of 3-6 months. Shave it over pasta, salads, or roasted brussel sprouts. Our Little Darling artisan cheese makes a great snack with almonds, apples and strawberries. It pairs nicely with Cabernet Sauvignon, Stouts and Brown Ales.

Avondale Truckle

Our Avondale Truckle is a beautiful, bandaged wrapped artisan cheddar cheese. It is aged in our cellar with an affinage of 12-18 months. In the early stages this cheese has a round and buttery flavor and as the cheese ages it develops an earthy, full layered profile. It pairs perfectly with fruity, full bodied red wines and Brown Ales or Stouts.

artisan cheddar cheese

Brunkow Cheese Factory

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