Cheddar Cheeses are our most popular cheese; cheddar cheese originated in the village of Cheddar, England. A firm, cow’s milk cheese that ranges in flavor from mild to sharp and can contain a variety of flavor combinations. As cheddar slowly ages, it loses moisture and its texture becomes drier and more crumbly. You will notice the sharpness of cheddar beginning at around one year of age and it can continue to age for many years; here at Brunkow Cheese, we have cheddar cheese that range in age from 60 days to 12 years.

Here are some descriptions:

Fresh “Squeaky” Curds

Fresh & Squeaky, as they say the “Squeakier” the better. Made fresh right here on site.

15 Year Aged Cheddar

Our 15 Year Aged Cheddar packs a lot of flavor in a tiny bite. It has a sharp flavor, but is also creamy. Aging cheddar cheese develops that “crunch” from the calcium lactate crystals that form and our 15 Year Aged Cheddar is full of them. This is not a cheese to use for cooking, but rather to be used for a hors d’oeuvre and/or snack. Cheese that has aged for this long falls apart easily, so little pieces work best. Create a beautiful platter of almonds, hazelnuts, green apples and/or sliced salami. Pair it with fruity, sweet wines, porter or Scotch ales, port wines or a Scotch.

12 Year Aged Cheddar

Brunkow’s 12 Year Aged Cheddar is packed with flavor. It is sharp and smooth with crystallization spread throughout, as only a fine aged cheese will possess. Cheddar goes from mild to sharp as it ages, developing that tangy flavor as the milk fat and proteins are broken down forming the cheese crystals. This aged cheddar is definitely a work of art and is meant to be savored.

10 Year Aged Cheddar

Always a great sign as cheddar cheese ages is the formalization of crystals. Also as a cheddar cheese ages the flavor is more concentrate and becomes rich, sharp and has a nutty flavor. The texture of a fine aged cheddar becomes more granular and crumbly.

Our fine 10 Year Aged Cheddar pairs nicely with tawny port or a full-bodied ale bringing out its aged caramel flavors. Use it on sandwiches, place shards of it on an appetizer platter or add it to any creamy, cheesy dish creating a depth of flavor like no other.

6 Year Aged Cheddar

Brunkow Cheese’s 6 Year Aged Cheddar, handmade in small batches, is crumbly and  has the “crunch” that you look for in an aged cheddar. It is boldly complex with a full-flavor that is imbued with that distinctive cheddar “bite”. Our 6 Year Aged Cheddar is perfect in many recipes, salads or just for snacking with your favorite cracker!

2 Year Aged Cheddar

You will love our 2 Year Aged Cheddar and it’s smooth, creamy textures and nutty flavor. This is a great all around cheddar that is great on salads and sandwiches. It also makes for a wonderful hors d’oeuvre with a nice wine accompanied with crackers and/or apple wedges.

small batches Cheddar Cheeses
100 years in business

Over 100 years in business

Our Strengths

Our Mild Cheddar has super flavor aged for 3-4 months. It is slightly creamy and has a very mild but distinctive taste. It is aged for color and a very palate pleasing taste. We hand make it in small batches with the careful attention to details and ingredients guaranteed to make your next meal the talk of the town!!

Our Mild Cheddar has a flavor that will accentuate and make a grand statement with the following meals: Homemade Mac and Cheese, tuna melts, grilled cheese sandwiches, potato skins.

Medium Cheddar has fuller cheddar flavor and a slightly creamier texture than mild, but aged for 4-7 months.  Our Medium Cheddar has a rich and nutty flavor that is a perfect snack all on its own or enjoy it in soups and baked potatoes. It also makes the perfect, gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and nachos.

As a fine wine gets better with age; the same can be said for cheddar cheese. The older a cheddar cheese gets the sharper the flavor. Our Sharp Cheddar is a semi-hard cheese that has been aged for over 1 year. Add our Sharp Cheddar to your burgers and sandwiches to give it that extra “zing”.

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