Artisan beers have been gaining more and more space in the liquor market. With the increase in the supply of labels and specific places, hop-based drinks have become a major competitor of the wines during that winter. What some people still do not know, is that the beers match very well with various types of cheese. One of the reasons why is because beer gas helps cut the fat from the dairy.

Just as in the world of wine, there are always harmonizations suggested by experts. Generally, light and soft beers combine with similar cheeses, while the more malted ones demand a mature and sweetened cheese. But the bitter ones harmonize with the salty and greasy cheeses and the toast with the blue cheeses.

So, if you are now starting to experiment with these new flavors, you may prefer the softer types and gradually go to the stronger ones. Always remember to serve water to help cleanse the palate. Then just call your friends for the tasting!