Not just for aesthetic reasons, maintaining the ideal weight is very valuable for our health. Following a perfect diet and associating the practice of physical exercises, the quality of life becomes other than the benefits felt to our body.

Is it true that the more yellow the cheese, the more fat they have?

Mostly. But it may be that, for example, a cheese that is considered lean, be seasoned, and the final coloring leaves it yellow, the tonality that will change and not the composition of fat, only that of the seasoning.

Does it hurt to eat milk products before physical activity?

It does not matter. But it is necessary to have a longer time of absorption and digestion when these foods are in the pre-workout diet. Very close to the beginning of the exercises is not recommended.

What is the least calorie cheese available on the market?

Cottage cheese.

Are ricotta, cream cheese, and fresco cheese really lighter? Because?

Compared to others like mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, sane. They have a lower fat content than those mentioned, for example. But cottage cheese is still the lightest and thinnest cheese on the market.